About Us

Interactive Refractive is a marketing and communications collaboration of several companies, practice personnel and industry experts dedicated to assisting refractive surgery practices in their quest to reach patients. Our ideology and mission favors realistic LASIK marketing vs. spammy marketing techniques. We advise following the ethical marketing standards by the ASCRS and ASOA. Our mission also includes exposing new technologies to ophthalmology practices ranging from medical equipment to web based technologies and even reliable EMR solutions and integrations. As a collective we want to see Ophthalmology present itself in a professional manner that is honest and truthful not deceitful and tricky. We oppose the philosophy of bait and switch marketing techniques as this is trickery aimed at consumers and bad for all types of medical marketing.

Our community forum offers a chance for ophthalmologists and refractive coordinators all over the world to communicate and exchange ideas about their work as well as how to improve the overall efficiency of their practices. Please feel free to navigate through our website and discover our chat forums videos, websites, blogs, services and articles.