Hearing Healthcare in Ophthalmology (Audiology)

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Today, over 30 million senior-aged Americans and perhaps an equal number of baby boomers suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss is one of the most widespread, chronic health care problems facing the aging population today. Recent studies have shown that almost 50% of the baby boomer population is experiencing significant hearing loss as much as 20 years earlier than previous generations. So what is being done to meet the needs of these patients? Are these patients getting routine hearing exams at audiology practices? Surprisingly, most of the...

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Perception Vs Reality

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Perception Vs Reality

Many Doctor’s and Refractive Coordinators are so swamped with the details of doing their job. The daily level of office activity leads to the false assumption that their phones must have been answered properly to have generated such a huge volume of work. Time and again, when real calls are recorded and reviewed, we see that Administrator’s and Doctor’s preconception of these calls does not necessarily match their reality. In actuality, phones are often answered by unprepared, uninformed, unenthused and often uncaring staff. Most of us...

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Public Relations and Advertising, How Do They Tie Together?

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Written by Doug Sims They do have a role and do fit with each together. But you have to have the right view. You can advertise all you want but there is a specific reason for public relations. If you don’t have these two fields cleared up in your mind and how they work together you are losing a lot of your public reach. Public Relations Public Relations is not only making yourself known but also is, in fact, making your “Good Works” known. If the public – prospective patients – know what you are doing in and for their community then...

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How to Increase Your LASIK Consultations

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Written by Doug Sims Their Fears and Concerns Versus Your Assumptions. Why wouldn’t someone who is curious about LASIK come in for a no-obligation FREE consultation? After all they have nothing to lose, right? Wrong! Read these reasons and see if you have run into these blocks. Reason #1 A Consultation is something most people would do only when they are fairly serious about having LASIK done. The problem is that at any given moment in time, only 5% – 8% of the candidates out there are at the point where they are that serious about...

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Pathways For Acquiring Patients: Creating Diversity in Lasik Marketing

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By Michael Dobkowski As someone heavily engaged in refractive marketing I was disheartened to realize that marketing does not drive most practice leads in the case of comprehensive practices. From a purely speculative point of view I came to realize that the three main drivers of refractive surgery volume are 1. co-management relationships, 2. Patient referrals/word of mouth and 3. Search Engine Optimization. I have concluded this over the past 5 years of working on refractive practice marketing plans and tracking all inquiries from...

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Internet to gain from TV ad share decline

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Understanding The Importance of Building Your Base in LASIK marketing! by Michael Dobkowski In today’s competitive refractive surgery marketplace it is time to clearly understand and implement an Internet marketing strategy that will bring your practice into the future. If this is not done your business will suffer. Working from the assumption that organic search engine optimization and pay per click advertising on search engines will undoubtedly bring practices the most potential patients from any marketing medium it is easy to see why...

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Website Design

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See Your Pathways! Glacial Multimedia provides Internet solutions for businesses wishing to enhance their position via the web. We develop web sites ranging from promotional to e-commerce based to database driven. Complete design solutions Custom developed hosting solutions Internet promotional strategies Our Main Website Development Models Include: Standard HTML websites Flash websites Hybrid Flash/HTML websites E-Commerce websites Glacial Multimedia uses PHP (a programming language, which allows a web site to communicate with databases),...

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E-mail Marketing

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Cost-Effective Communication Solutions Email campaigns are a great tool for the refractive practice to stay in touch with its patient base and additionally remind potential candidates of developments at practice level. In order to spread the word regarding the latest technologies or to simply inform patients of recent news at the practice the eyemail system can be your cost-effective messenger. This program is specific to the needs of each practice but the mailers typically are sent on a quarterly basis. By incorporating an opt-in e-mail...

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Hosting & E-mail

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Setting Your New Media Launching Platform! Utilize the Interactive Refractive hosting platform and set a platform for the future! When you choose to have your site hosted, make sure you choose a company with the experience, reliability, and support that you deserve: Interactive Refractive is here to make your web hosting as simple, affordable and as painless as possible. Fast, secure servers State-of-the-art control panel Centers hosting 100,000+ sites When you host with us, you can easily take advantage of: 4 hosting packages with...

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Identity Development – The Dawn of Your Brand! Branding is the process of creating and disseminating the brand name. A brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. At Glacial Multimedia we take pride in helping our clients achieve their branding goals. Starting with a thorough analysis of the business goals and the development of a logo we start to position the brand to meet its goals. Print Advertising Design...

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