LASIK Marketing

Marketing LASIK eye surgery can be very challenging for independent eye doctors and comprehensive ophthalmology practices. There are various models of activity regarding marketing that many trade organizations would discourage yet the practices that dare to do them often reap the benefits. From first hand experience not every LASIK patient is looking for a discount. There are highly regarded LASIK surgeons across the US that do well on their reputations alone and do not need to look like used car salesmen. The U.S. FDA has repeatedly warned LASIK chain eye care providers to stop the misleading advertising and promotion of refractive lasers used in eye surgery procedures such as LASIK. The FDA found that the providers’ advertisements and promotional materials did not offer consumers adequate information about associated risks, as well as warnings and possible adverse events.

As a LASIK practice it is paramount that you determine what your strategy will be. Are you going to be a LASIK discounter or will you try the high quality game. Whatever your direction is you must commit to that style of LASIK marketing. If you discount you must be aggressive with digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and consumer driven channels. If you take a more conservative path your activities will include OD marketing, word of mouth, excellent SEO, paid search, and community outreach. In today’s day internet marketing is a practice that all successful LASIK marketing practices make a committment towards. Like anything…If you put focus on something you are eventually going to see results. Some of the most successful LASIK practices have well-oiled internal machines that can market and convert very well.

LASIK marketing ideas

• Create solid SEO marketing plan

• Develop engaging LASIK social media promotions

• Engage your OD community and offer CE courses

• Design a high quality LASIK website

• Create meaningful LASIK testimonial videos

• Work on external LASIK radio campaigns

• Consider event marketing

• Utilize a lead tracking system