How to Increase Your LASIK Consultations

Written by Doug Sims

Their Fears and Concerns Versus Your Assumptions.

Why wouldn’t someone who is curious about LASIK come in for a no-obligation FREE consultation? After all they have nothing to lose, right? Wrong! Read these reasons and see if you have run into these blocks.

Reason #1

A Consultation is something most people would do only when they are fairly serious about having LASIK done. The problem is that at any given moment in time, only 5% – 8% of the candidates out there are at the point where they are that serious about having LASIK done. This means they are ready to sign up if they have their last questions addressed. Let’s face it, everyone has heard about LASIK. They all know it’s available and have an idea that it might mean freedom from glasses and contacts. So, why haven’t they investigated it further? All of the reasons line up under one or both of two headings; fear and cost. There are natural fears everyone has related to the thought of having a doctor work on eyes that seem perfectly healthy. There is also the cost element lurking and a good bit of confusion about that.

There is an educational process, which a person almost always goes through from the first time they begin thinking seriously about LASIK until the time they actually have the procedure done. We call this the Educational Spectrum. In the beginning they are just starting to look for information. In the end they are ready to come in for a consultation. 92% – 95% of LASIK Candidates are not far enough along their educational process to jump at the chance for a consultation. Almost all LASIK Marketing ignores those 92% – 95%.

Reason #2

Many candidates are reluctant to talk to a LASIK Consultant or a doctor for two reasons: Looking foolish and being sold. First, they don’t want to look foolish by asking silly questions. Second, because they don’t want to be sold something. They are afraid that if they meet with a consultant they may sign up based on emotions and they are NOT yet ready. They know that if they show up there is going to be pressure to make a decision, and they have fears and questions they want answered before they make a decision. What they really want is a no risk way to learn more about LASIK and about you and your practice.

Reason #3

Every LASIK practice already offers a FREE consultation so it has lost any value that drives Candidates to action. They know that any doctor will give one at anytime. In their mind they have plenty of time to think about it so why come right now when they are not yet ready. Incentive offers are only effective for “now buyers”, the 4 to 8% of people who have learned enough to satisfy their fears and are now seriously interested in investigating a solution.

The Solution Is a Convenient Risk Free Way for The Candidate To Learn More, on Their Own Terms.

You must offer potential candidates a means to address their questions and fears in a no risk format. In this way you give them a safe way to get more familiar with you and your practice in the comfort of their own home. Your offer now appeals to people anywhere on the educational spectrum, whether they are just starting to investigate or are picking which doctor they want to do the procedure with.

There are many ways to accomplish this – Educational DVDs, emails, educational mailers, newsletters, reports and others. But by doing any or all of the above you will be educating your future patients and when the time is right, who will they call? That’s right – YOU.

About the author of this article:

Doug Sims is the President of Fast Track Marketing, which is a marketing company specializing in LASIK and refractive surgery marketing and advertising. Doug has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales. The Maximize Your Marketplace System is now being implemented by Fast Track Marketing in the field of Refractive Surgery with clients across the United States. Doug can be reached at [email protected]. More information is also available on the Fast Track website:

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